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About Dr Khuroo

Dr. Khuroo’s Medical Centre is a day-care medical facility which deals with management of gastrointestinal and liver diseases on an outpatient basis. Kashmir has a special status of having a peculiar epidemiology of the diseases of gut and liver. The diseases which are commonly seen in the Valley are either not seen in other parts of India or are seen rarely. Because of this a centre which caters to the needs of such patients was badly needed. The centre is manned by a group of dedicated professionals with intense knowledge such diseases and have intense information of the current practices of art of medicine. The centre is equipped with most modern medical gadgets which help in the evaluation and management of the diseases prevalent locally. A number of clinical practice guidelines so important in the West have been introduced in the Centre. We believe this centre shall start a beginning in introducing a new concept of clinical practice in Kashmir and shall be an impetus for other medical facilities to take a lead.

Our Approach to Dr Khuroo

Dr Khuroo hired Antarees Technologies to create new Website that made it easy for people and medical fraternity to see the latest Research done in the field of medicine . Antarees Technologies delivered a creative, fun and visually appealing experience. The Adville Website was developed for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers under the php /mysql platform.

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